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Classes and Staff

About our classes and staff...


Claypotts Castle Primary School has 15 primary class and an Early Years Centre.

They are made up as follows…

  • Our Head Teacher is Mr Murray
  • Our Deputy Head Teacher is Mrs McKay
  • Our Principal Teacher is Mrs Cook
  • Our Early Years Centre Manager is Mrs Dailly


Early Years Centre

  • Our Nursery Teacher is Miss Hill
  • Our Early Years team are: Mrs Queen,  Miss Deuchars, Ms Walsh, Mrs Biggans, Mrs Thomson, Mrs Campbell, Miss Gillies, Mrs Brindley, Miss Wilkie, Miss Reid, Mrs Tahir, Miss Robinson, Miss Hogan, Mrs Cameron and Miss McEwen


  • Primary Classes
    • P1a with Mrs Butler
    • P1b with Miss Nicol
    • P2a with Mrs Dalziel
    • P2b with Mr Keddie
    • P3a with Miss Kane
    • P3b with Miss Bastianiello
    • P4a with Miss Deuchars
    • P4b with Mrs Knox
    • P5a with Mrs Roberts
    • P5b with Mrs Mitchell
    • P6a with Miss Cox
    • P6b with Miss Burns
    • P7a with Mr Terry
    • P7b with Mrs Lunnon