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Classes and Staff

About our classes and staff...


Claypotts Castle Primary School has 14 primary class and an Early Years Centre.

They are made up as follows…

  • Our Head Teacher is Mr Murray
  • Our Deputy Head Teacher is Mrs McKay
  • Our Acting Principal Teacher is Miss Brand
  • Our Early Years Centre Manager is Mrs Dailly


  • Our Nursery Teacher is Miss Hill
  • Primary Classes
    • P1a with Mrs Butler
    • P1b with Mrs Dalziel
    • P2a with Miss Cooper
    • P2b with Miss Brand and Mrs Mutch
    • P3a with Mrs Clark
    • P3b with Miss Bastianiello
    • P4a with Miss Kerr
    • P4b with Miss Deuchars
    • P5a with Mrs Quinn
    • P5b with Miss Kettles
    • P6a with Mrs Smith
    • P6b with Mrs Mitchell
    • P7a with Mr Terry
    • P7b with Miss Cox